Head of Human Resources

Yeung Chung Yee, Bea

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Thames Valley University
  • Previously worked in senior corporate operations positions at several multinational companies


Bea is a core member of the Flywheel team and currently serves as Head of Human Resources. After graduating from Thames Valley University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, she worked for several multinational companies, where she gained valuable customer service experience and communication skills, enabling her to maintain excellent relations with different departments.

Before joining Flywheel, Bea was confused by the sheer number of investment tools and strategies on offer. It was not until coming into contact with partners from Flywheel that she decided to reset her personal investment goals and develop a risk management strategy, enabling her to achieve a steady increase in wealth. Since joining Flywheel, she has been able to share her investment experience and provide investors with the confidence to invest for the long term.