President and Chief Executive Officer

Tang Siu Fung, Roy

  • MBA
  • Master of Finance
  • Certified Financial Consultant (CFC)
  • Experienced trainer


Roy is the founder of Flywheel Financial Strategy and currently serves as the Group President and Chief Executive Officer. Before founding Flywheel, Roy was a senior banker and worked in important positions at several investment and note-issuing banks. With over two decades of wealth management and marketing experience, he has played a leading role in implementing innovative investment concepts and boasts a unique insight into managing investment risks with an outstanding track record. His goal is for Flywheel to reach a market value of 1 billion HK dollars in the near future and become a benchmark for the financial industry. He also hopes to help more companies with untapped potential to develop their cutting-edge products and business concepts.

During his 20 years in the financial industry, Roy has paid close attention to the monetary policies of central banks; despite the wide range of measures adopted to control inflation, money continues to lose value. As he often remarks: “You have to make good use of investment tools and wealth management strategies in order to keep up with inflation and have the chance of growing your wealth”. His investment motto is “There are no shortcuts in investing – in-depth financial knowledge and effective risk management is the only route to success”.

In addition to his excellent people management skills, Roy is also an experienced trainer and enjoys sharing his extensive experience and wealth management expertise with the younger generation, whom he encourages to pursue their dreams, focus on their goals and keep up with the times in order to achieve success.