Financial Controller

Tam Tak Shing, Derek

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance, University of Hong Kong
  • Certified accountant
  • Former auditor at one of the Big Four accounting firms
  • Former Vice President of banking division


Derek is a core member of the Flywheel team and currently serves as Financial Controller and Certified Accountant. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance at the University of Hong Kong, he worked as an auditor at one of the Big Four accounting firms, where he was responsible for accounting and auditing, tax, and analysing financial reports. In this role, he served a diverse range of clients including financial institutions, investment banks, securities firms, private banks, commercial banks and fund management companies.

Derek also worked as Vice President of a banking division and has outstanding leadership skills, having managed numerous different teams since starting his career in accounting and finance more than a decade ago. Derek is skilled at working with numbers and aims to draw on his experience of accounting, finance and corporate consulting in order to provide managers and institutions with tailored advice and IPO financing strategies.