Head of Investment

Lai Chi Chuen, Matthew

  • Bachelor’s degree in dyeing and finishing chemistry, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Investment and wealth management expert


Matthew is a core member of the Flywheel management team. He graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and currently serves as Head of Investment. Matthew previously worked as general manager of a prominent Mainland Chinese company, where he managed a team of more than 3000 staff. He has extensive corporate management experience and is an expert in corporate strategy. In addition to his in-depth operational and management expertise, he is also an experienced investment professional and has over two decades of experience in wealth management, during which he has demonstrated his ability to identify new investment opportunities during periods of crisis and volatility.

Over the course of his career, Matthew has come across many people who neglect the importance of investing and financial planning and have seen inflation or bad investments erode their wealth. By using the Flywheel platform and other investment tools, he believes that he can help his clients to achieve financial freedom.

According to Matthew, the key to investing is execution and discipline, just like for gym-goers: if you want to see results, you have to persevere, and if you hire a personal trainer, you can reach your goals more quickly. The same principle applies to investing – by hiring an expert to avoid investment pitfalls and devise a tailored wealth management plan, you can put yourself on the path to financial freedom.