Vice President

Ho Yiu Chung, YC

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Worked as senior engineer at several companies
  • Risk assessment expert


Ho Yiu Chung (YC) is Flywheel’s risk assessment expert and currently serves as our Vice President. A graduate of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, YC worked as a senior engineer at several companies before joining Flywheel and has extensive project management experience and risk assessment expertise. He is committed to developing prudent investment strategies and has in-depth knowledge of hedging tools; in particular futures.

YC is well aware of the deficiencies of the Hong Kong education system and the lack of teaching in wealth management and investment principles. He is also conscious of the importance of investment knowledge. Before developing a wealth management or investment plan, individuals and companies must analyse their past, present and future financial circumstances and objectives. Then they can implement a long-term plan in order to reach the best possible outcome and achieve their key goals.

Known for his dedication and sense of humility, he has overseen the development of a comprehensive range of cutting-edge services, and is able to explain complex investment and wealth management concepts to clients in an accessible format. He helps individuals and companies to develop comprehensive wealth management plans, improve their knowledge of financial tools and aims to make investment more accessible in order to help clients to grow their wealth and plan for the future.